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Update of exported content classes isn't possible



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
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    • Resolution: Obsolete
    • 4.2.0
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    • Operating System: RHEL 5.4
      PHP Version: 5.2.9
      Database and version: MySQL & Oracle (all known)
      Browser (and version): All known


      I have problems related to the package management:

      One can export a content class package easily but if you try to update the same package that doesn't work.
      The old package has to be deleted before the new one can be exported or the new one has to have another name.
      IMHO that's not sensible. There is a version counter one can edit and that means in the end the package should be replaced or to be exact to be updated (version aware) by the new one.
      The comment "- Creation of package." is right now rather futile because one can only create new packages. Isn't it?

      I would expect an "Update"-Button to rebuild the exported package with exactly the same parameters except the version and an additional comment.

      And on the other side of the process:

      One should be able to import an updated package

      • that respects the existing package
        (and updates it instead of having to delete and install manually)
      • that respects existing content
        (i.e. the content has not to be deleted on import but kept; or kept and updated)

      Do I miss something?




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