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relation lists not always correctly restored when re-importing objects via a package



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
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    • Resolution: Obsolete
    • 4.3.0, 4.4.0
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    • Operating System: Windows / Linux
      PHP Version: (please be specific, like '4.4.3' or '5.1.5') 5.3.4
      Database and version: MySQL 5.1
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      When a package contains objects with ezobjectrelationlists (pointing to existing objects, as identified by remoteID), these relation lists are not always correctly imported.
      It seems to happen when some imported objects in the package are already existing, so the import procedure has to stop and ask the user what to do (replace/update/skip/...)

      Steps to reproduce

      1) Create a package with at least two content objects (two separate nodes to export/import), having some ezobjectrelationlist fields.

      2) Now install the package on the same system, or another one already containing the objects, and also the related ones (identified by remoteID).

      3) Since the objects are already existing the installation asks what to do (replace/update/...), choose update and do not select "Use this choice for all the items".

      The imported objects should have their ezobjectrelationlist fields correctly restored. However this is only true for the last object in the package: the others have they relation lists broken.

      The cause seems to be that the relation lists are re-adjusted in postUnserialize functions, but those are only called for the last imported object when the import procedure has to stop and ask the user what to do about an already existing object.




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