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After Installing eZ Publish 5, in Postgres, I get the following errors on Database Check



    • Bug
    • Resolution: None
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    • 5.0.0rc1
    • Install
    • Operating System: RHEL 6.3
      PHP Version: 5.3.3
      Database and version: Postgres 8.4
      Browser (and version): Firefox 16.0


      After installing eZ Publish 5, with eZ Flow without content, using Postgres SQL.
      If I try to do a "Check database consistency" I get the following list

      The database is not consistent with the distribution database.
      To synchronize your database with the distribution setup, run the following SQL commands:
      ALTER TABLE ONLY ezgmaplocation ADD CONSTRAINT ezgmaplocation_pkey PRIMARY KEY ( contentobject_attribute_id, contentobject_version );
      CREATE INDEX latitude_longitude_key ON ezgmaplocation USING btree ( latitude, longitude );
      ALTER TABLE ONLY ezm_block ADD CONSTRAINT ezm_block_pkey PRIMARY KEY ( id );
      CREATE INDEX ezm_block__is_removed ON ezm_block USING btree ( is_removed );
      CREATE INDEX ezm_block__node_id ON ezm_block USING btree ( node_id );
      CREATE TABLE ezstarrating (
      contentobject_attribute_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      contentobject_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      rating_average real DEFAULT 0::real NOT NULL,
      rating_count integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL
      ALTER TABLE ONLY ezstarrating ADD CONSTRAINT ezstarrating_pkey PRIMARY KEY ( contentobject_id, contentobject_attribute_id );
      CREATE SEQUENCE ezstarrating_data_s
      START 1
      MAXVALUE 9223372036854775807
      MINVALUE 1
      CACHE 1;
      CREATE TABLE ezstarrating_data (
      contentobject_attribute_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      contentobject_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      created_at integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      id integer DEFAULT nextval('ezstarrating_data_s'::text) NOT NULL,
      rating real DEFAULT 0::real NOT NULL,
      session_key character varying(32) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      user_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL
      CREATE INDEX contentobject_id_contentobject_attribute_id ON ezstarrating_data USING btree ( contentobject_id, contentobject_attribute_id );
      CREATE INDEX user_id_session_key ON ezstarrating_data USING btree ( user_id, session_key );
      ALTER TABLE ONLY ezstarrating_data ADD CONSTRAINT ezstarrating_data_pkey PRIMARY KEY ( id );
      CREATE TABLE ezm_pool (
      block_id character(32) DEFAULT ''::bpchar NOT NULL,
      moved_to character(32) DEFAULT NULL,
      node_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      object_id integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
      priority integer DEFAULT 0,
      rotation_until integer DEFAULT 0,
      ts_hidden integer DEFAULT 0,
      ts_publication integer DEFAULT 0,
      ts_visible integer DEFAULT 0
      CREATE INDEX ezm_pool__block_id__ts_hidden ON ezm_pool USING btree ( block_id, ts_hidden );
      CREATE INDEX ezm_pool__block_id__ts_publication__priority ON ezm_pool USING btree ( block_id, ts_publication, priority );
      CREATE INDEX ezm_pool__block_id__ts_visible ON ezm_pool USING btree ( block_id, ts_visible );
      ALTER TABLE ONLY ezm_pool ADD CONSTRAINT ezm_pool_pkey PRIMARY KEY ( block_id, object_id );
      DROP TABLE ez_ct_change_entry;
      DROP TABLE ez_ct_change_log;
      DROP TABLE ezxport_available_cclass_attr;
      DROP TABLE ezxport_available_cclasses;
      DROP TABLE ezxport_customers;
      DROP TABLE ezxport_export_object_log;
      DROP TABLE ezxport_exports;
      DROP TABLE ezxport_process_logs;

      I'm using today's build #91




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