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Criteria Doc references




      Criterion objects, used by the Public API to search for content, are all different, and require to be documented as a reference.

      What needs to be documented

      • what value format the Criterion accepts
      • what operators are supported
      • what they can "target" (e.g. apply to)

      Where the information can be found

      Built-in criterion objects are declared in eZ/Publish/API/Repository/Values/Content/Query/Criterion.

      Some of the criteria are documented in PHPDoc, like ContentId. Others are not...

      Each Criterion constructor will support up to three parameters: target, operator and value. Some only support value, some only value & operator, and so on.

      In this example: the criterion (Criterion\ContentId only accepts a value:

      public function __construct( $value )
          parent::__construct( null, null, $value );

      Parameters can also be polymorphic: ContentId only accepts value, but value can be an integer (in which case the operator is Criterion\Operator::EQ or an array of ContentId using the Criterion\Operator::IN operator. In this case, the operator is silently selected depending on the input type.

      The Criterion::getSpecifications() method indicates which operators are supported by the Criterion, and which input value is expected: Criterion\Specifications::FORMAT_SINGLE or Criterion\Specifications::FORMAT_ARRAY. Some specification entries also specify a type of value, for both single and array formats: Specifications::TYPE_INTEGER.

      Some Criteria support a target. One example is datetime, that can apply to either the creation date, or the modification date (and should actually also apply to Date / DateTime Fields...).


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