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Legacy session events not triggered any more



    • Pollux Core S5


      As of 5.3, authentication is completely managed through Symfony. One side effect is that legacy session events are not triggered any more (either via ezpEvent or eZSession::triggerCallback()), and thus listeners won't be executed. This is because it is now entirely up to Symfony to deal with the session, including session migration after authentication.

      Concrete illustration of this regression : When using the shop module existing in legacy the items in the shopping basket is lost after logging in. In short, when the session is migrated after the user has been authenticated, the basket table, storing each entry per session ID, won't be updated at that time, resulting the loss of the basket for current user.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Start from a clean 5.3 installation with eZ Demo

      1. Activate the shop module in the backend adding Tabs[]=shop to the [TopAdminMenu] settings group in menu.ini
      2. Grant the anonymous user to shop by adding the following policy to the Anonymous role: shop / buy / No limitations
      3. Clear all caches
      4. Access the demo design frontent as anonymous user
      5. Click buy on any featured products
      6. Check the basket in http://your.site/shop/basket and notice the item you just added
      7. Log in with any user you have in your site
      8. Check the basket again in http://your.site/shop/basket and notice that the items in the basket disappeared




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