• [DX] API


      This is a bit of an Epic Epic, and currently contains, but potentially not limited to improvements on:

      • Languages (goal: avoid having to use translation helpers)
        • If language is not provided take SiteAccess languages into account before falling back to main language, all over
        • Only load one language, treat language params as priority like now on search
        • Reflect this on ContentInfo name as well
      • Add lazy loaded properties for simplifying use of Repository
        • E.g. like $location.content and $content.contentType and other examples pioneered in NetGen Site API
        • including lazy load existing properties that are known to be expensive to generate, like $contentType.contentTypeGroups
      • Multi get support for all/most domain objects for optimized lookups 
        • Both on missing and on not readable items, these are not returned in results in order to avoid exception handling 
        • Should also take into account language api changes from above
      • Native Location drafts (goal: get rid of preview issues)
        • (however needs to make sure queries using data from this draft works as expected, with workspaces children should be queryable for instance)
      • Visibility (goal: move to permissions to get rid of boilerplate code)
      • Site knowledge (goal: somehow natively take care about path prefixes and such)
        • Open question is how to avoid having to do with and without lookups for UrlAlias.
      • Domain Types (Like Object Wrapper, allow more logic to be moved to type as opposed to templates/controllers/commands, examples: Asset, Site,..)
      • For further use cases see Kaliop ObjectWrapper, NetGen SiteAPI, ...




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