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Folder content type fix for cleandata.sql



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      Folder content type fix for cleandata.sql,
      Even if it's looks like issue with migration bundle - the sql data should be fixed and should looks the same as the data generated by the public API.

      the main reason why it should be changed: after creating new content type using platform UI (without specifying the `description` in `Global properties`) the database field value for ezcontentclass/serialized_description_list will be `a:0:{}`, not `b:0;` - the purpose of this issue is to fix the differences. It also causing problems with migration bundle.

      backstory: using kaliop/ezmigrationbundle (4.1.0)
      and example migration with description update:

          type: content_type
          mode: update
          content_type_group: 1
          identifier: folder
          name: Folder
          description: 'A generic entity used to set up structures for storing content entities (articles, etc.).'
          name_pattern: <short_name|name>
          is_container: true
          default_sort_field: path
          default_sort_order: ASC

      I was unable to run it, the error message:

        Unsupported operand types   
       () at vendor/kaliop/ezmigrationbundle/Core/Executor/ContentTypeManager.php:725
       Kaliop\eZMigrationBundle\Core\Executor\ContentTypeManager->getMultilingualValue() at vendor/kaliop/ezmigrationbundle/Core/Executor/ContentTypeManager.php:170
       Kaliop\eZMigrationBundle\Core\Executor\ContentTypeManager->update() at vendor/kaliop/ezmigrationbundle/Core/Executor/RepositoryExecutor.php:85

      steps to reproduce:
      1. put the migration step into migration.yml
      2. php app/console ezplatform:install clean
      2.5 if the migration was used before, run: php app/console kaliop:migration:migration --delete migration.yml -n
      3. php app/console kaliop:migration:migrate --path=migration.yml

      Test list:

      • install by ezplatform:install clean
      • modify Folder content type (description, fields)
      • create new Folder content
      • check preview
      • render the page with created content
      • try to add subitem to created folder content
      • add another langage to created content




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