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Edit content from Sub-items list




      Edit content from sub-items list:

      • When the user clicks on Edit button within any of the sub-items lists view rows, a slider shows up right after;
      • the slider for Selecting language displays the total number of languages available for translation for that specific content in the header;
      • there's a filter available, so that the user can filter up and find the translation needed among all of them;
      • List of languages available for translation shows the first one created on top and the most recent one at the bottom. Slider's list is scrollable;
      • Languages available for translation in the slider behave as radio buttons, once one is selected the user will be redirected to the specific Editing view for that Language the user has just selected;


      • If slider for Selecting language is open and user clicks on any point of the UI, then the slider will be closed;
      • If slider for Selecting language is open and user clicks on any of the available action button that are part of the ez-context-menu, then the slider for Selecting language will be closed first and then the new action will be triggered;
      • Slider will have to have sticky behavior in order to be reachable for the user as it happens with ez-context-menu. That way slider's header will be at the top of the browser window if the user has scrolled down (note: the InVision prototype doesn't show this type of behavior);
      • In terms of specific behavior of slider for Selecting language, it will be applied the same defined for the rest of the sliders that have been already implemented EZP-31186


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