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Add "Help Text" or "Description" as a Standard Field for Datatypes



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      The one thing I think would be the biggest usability enhancement to eZ, by far –

      Add "Help Text" as a standard property of ALL datatypes. Just like "name" and "identifier" are standard for all datatypes, have a field for "help text" or "description."

      Example –

      I have an "Availability Date" as a property on a class. If something is not available right away, the users can set the date to when it will be available.

      But what if it's available right now – immediately? The way my logic works, just leave the date blank, then the template will print "Immediately."

      But this isn't intuitive, and there's nowhere on the admin interface to tell the user to leave the field blank if the availablity date is right now. So people call and ask, "What should I do if it's available right now?" And I have to tell them – every time – "Just leave the field blank."

      Is would be an ENOURMOUS improvement in usability if every property had a "Help Text" field where the class designer could enter one or two sentences about how to use that property. This text could be printed right under the entry box on the default admin template.

      Examples of how it could be used –

      • "Leave this field blank if the product is available right now."
      • "If the company you want is not in the drop-down list, you need to add them in the 'Companies' folder first."
      • "This setting specifies the color of the 'Alert' box that appears above the article list, if you have specified an alert."
      • "Remember that search engines will weight keywords more heavily, so enter words here that people might search for when looking for this article."


      All a user has to go on right now is the name of the field. What if they don't know exactly what that field should contain? They need ONE sentence explaining it.

      I know, I know – I could hack the "edit" template of the admin design. But this is SUCH a common thing. I'd say 80% of fields could benefit from one sentence of help text.

      Otherwise, thanks for a great product. All I want to do is make it better any chance I can get.


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