Release Notes - eZ Publish / Platform - Version 2015.11.2 - HTML format


  • [EZP-25130] - 404 when previewing default eZ Publish object
  • [EZP-25153] - Adjust label for button about assign section to content
  • [EZP-25154] - When publishing content success notification is not updated
  • [EZP-25161] - Impossible to publish a content with a Richtext field with Firefox


  • [EZP-21276] - As a developer, I want the YUI JavaScript files to be loaded through a combo loader
  • [EZP-25033] - Implement a basic search discovery method for the UDW
  • [EZP-25111] - Add deprecation warnings to the View features
  • [EZP-25151] - As a developer, I want to have total number of search results in REST view response
  • [EZP-25173] - Add an iframe to to the dashboard



  • [EZP-21175] - Re-Instantiate Symfony's app/Resource folder

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